Japanese Holly



A nice little Japanese Holly ( Ilex Crenata) bonsai tree that can be purchased on a do it yourself basis with like a lot of trees sold on eBay/online in need of re potting , Better front and potting angle as well as the chance to remove unwanted growth, dead twigs and stumps and start making the tree your own. Generally all trees sold by Way Of Life Bonsai will have this already done but buy buying this listing it gives u the opportunity to do it all yourself with us supplying the tree as generally imported with a larger bonsai pot, decent soil mix , mesh and wire and as always free Naruko. Why not have a go yourself whereby all u will need us some basic tools whereby garden scissors, pliers and snips can be used if bonsai tools are not available which will be great for beginners. Please contact us if instructions are needed or advice on best way to do your trees.

Japanese Holly (Ilex Crenata) bonsai tree which grow very well in the Uk and easy to develop making them great for bonsai.

The tree measures approximately 30cm high x 26cm wide.

All way of life orders come with a free bag of Naruko

This particular bonsai tree includes FREE UK delivery via special delivery and is fully insured to purchase value incase of any issues. Please read delivery terms and conditions or contact us prior to purchase.

Delivery Terms and Conditions


Tree Specifications

Species: Holly
Tree Height: empty
Tree Age: empty
Potted: empty
Location: empty
Light Requirements: empty
Care Difficulty: empty
Evergreen: empty
Evergreen: empty

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